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Billings Bridge Plaza and Heron Park

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Billings Bridge-Alta Vista is bounded by Smyth to the north, Heron and Walkley to the south, just west of Featherston Drive and Lynda Lane, and the Rideau River and Bronson to the west. This neighbourhood is one of the oldest communities in Ottawa. The area was originally a village that was named after Bradish Billing, who settled in the area in 1812. The bridge “Billings Bridge” was built in 1830, and later remodeled in 1916 to the structure that exists today. The neighbourhood also includes Alta Vista, which was named for the elevation in the neighbourhood that sits on the rise above the Rideau River valley.  Here is an infographic that describes Billings Bridge-Alta Vista as a Village of 100

Housing Statistics

Oldest house: Built in 1930.


Recreational Opportunities

Billings Bridge Shopping Plaza.

The communities proximity to the Rideau River allows the residents access to the walking and biking paths that run along it and the beautiful park that follows its path. The community is home to the RA Centre which runs many teams and camps for many different sports, including squash, tennis, and baseball.


Churches in Billings Bridge Plaza-Heron Park:


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