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Alvina Usher is dedicated to making life easier for her clientele. Whatever they need, she is two steps ahead in ensuring that their requirements are met.
BUYING or SELLING Consider it DONE has being her slogan for the last 10 years.
Her goal is to BUY FOR LESS and SELL FOR MORE.
She will support you every step of your journey.
Expert in planning and integration of new clientele. Adept in contract drafting, market research, networking, negotiation, and client analysis. Constantly developing social media marketing and adding new sales techniques to her portfolio.
Alvina Usher has thousands of followers on social media, she is also organizing\managing Multicultural Festivals in Ottawa and many other multicultural and charity events.
People always recognize her strengths and leadership.
Carolyn Piche, Director of Business Development, The Rotary Home Foundation says: “Every now and again, if we are fortunate, an extraordinary individual enters our lives. Those of us who have worked with you know you are one of those people. You have the ability to see beyond the surface to find treasure in people and organizations and surround yourself with others who share quality. …when some may have offered support and walked away, you drew support of others. When support wandered you drew us back into your circle of influence. For the past four years you offered us a voice to be heard by those who would may not listened…”


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